Our Purpose
To help small to mid-sized companies and home users realize the power of their information systems. This power is realized through improved communication, more efficient processes, more accurate reporting and increased responsiveness.

Our Philosophy
To achieve our purpose by providing guidance on the implementation and utilization of information systems. This guidance is based on our analysis and understanding of your information needs, environment, constraints and goals.

Our Services
From complete management and support of small to mid-sized local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN) to your home networking and system needs, we provide a full range of services to provide you with a single source for your information systems needs. Our application design, networking and computer consulting solutions are based on the Microsoft and Macintosh enterprise.

Our consulting services improve business and user processes by identifying and eliminating non-value added activities while increasing the use of data sharing to reduce redundancy.

Our development services provide companies and users robust applications and reporting-from data acquisition applications to streamlined reporting.

Good implementation is a key to success for any system. We increase the likelihood of success by applying an implementation methodology tailored to a company or users' unique situation.

We provide companies and users support in planning, installing and maintaining LAN and WAN infrastructure based on Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

We sell, implement and support a diverse group of hardware and software applications based on the Microsoft and Macintosh enterprise.